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Bastion is a home building company founded in 2014 by a professional team involved in various construction services for many years thitherto, who eventually dedicated themselves to their beloved work.

We offer a multitude of solid houses made of insulated reinforced concrete sandwich wall panels or stone houses made of aerated concrete blocks. Moreover, we can design and build any building of any materials on demand, which illustrates our attitude to work — expertise and efficiency. Our base principle is to build homes of supreme quality and energy efficiency, while affordable to every our customer.

Bastion today

Production facilities

Premises - 2 ha.


Total number — over 10.


Construction brigades — over 30 people.


Only modern equipment.


Quality control at every stage of construction.


Growing range of products and services.




We guarantee high quality of work.


Short time of production and construction.



Full cycle

From making components to erecting homes.


Direct work with the manufacturer.


To build a durable and beautiful home, one shall be proficient in a number of professions and, futhermore, be able to select building and decorative materials of good quality.
Thanks to the modern updated monolithic panel manufacturing process at Bastion which provides fully prefabricated elements, all the on-site house shell erection work takes 2–3 days regardless weather or season. There is nearly no place for human mistake. Our quality inspectors minutely control quality at every stage of production and construction.


Highly professional team is an important competitive advantage of our company. We believe that expertise of builders is most critical to construction of any site. We employ those whose skill is proven by scores of high-quality houses.
It was the high skill of Bastion professionals that ensured a breakthrough in individual home building due to efficient up-to-date techniques and eco-friendly materials.


One of our priorities is focus on assisting every customer in building his or her own home , relieving him or her from duty of  diving into every detail and particularity of this process. Dealing with us  you will have to expend time only in several meetings on project implementation and materials selection, and we will do the rest. Our professionals will readily do all the tasks according to the customer's individual needs, will provide site survey , design development and customisation, solving bureaucratic issues.
We value our goodwill in the market of individual home building, that is why our main advantage is keeping high quality of our services and applied materials, as every our project  is a part of our brand and signature.


Bastion performs the full scope of works related to home building of stone at your site.  Prefabricated insulated reinforced concrete sandwich wall panels , manufactured at high-tech equipment, ensure short building time with no prejudice to the resulting quality. Clear organisation and well-arranged production process, quality of the materials used to produce monolithic wall panels is held at the highest level in order to ensure supreme quality for the construction of your future home. In particular, it refers to bulding of low storey houses using energy and thermal efficient sandwich wall elements 350 mm thick of our own design.
As result, you will get an actually durable home you have been dreaming of with total warranty for up to fifty years since commissioning.

Our services save expenses

We at Bastion adhere to democratic pricing policy in providing construction services and offer only materials of high quality to every customer.  Unlike certain building companies we reduce the cost of services and materials with no prejudice to quality, but through sound cost management.
More and more people nowadays are willing to get an individual house, and this is great, for the advantages of the country lifestyle over the urban one have become evident. It is good to try to solve the task on your own, but , as experience shows, construction is very time- and effort-consuming, and often exceeds the initial budget, also, due to unforseen expenses. Therefore, our strategy tends to make every customer aware of advantages of using our services in respect of expenses and reliability over doing all that on his or her own.