3D landscape design

3D landscape design


General layout drawing – project construction site plan view depicting planning, proposed landscaping elements arrangement data, specific design features 
• Computer-based 3D visualistaion – displays and presents three-dimensional site arrangement 
• Grading and levelling plan – displays altitudes and sloping direction, describes earth handling 
• Dimensional drawing – displays dimensions of and between objects 
• Pavement plan – describes garden pavement arrangement, type, and materials 
• Vegetation layout – arrangement of plants 
• Lighting plan – illustrates several functional connection lines, arrangement of lighting fixtures, and ambient light types 
• Irrigation layout – displays nozzle locations, covered areas, and type of watering 
• Drainage and stormwater drinage layout – schematic illustration of drainage conduits and types 
• Cost estimate – provisional estimate of material costs, construction and landscaping costs